THE SCENT OF EXO… (as promised)

i know it’s all late and shit, but i kept to my promise and as i said… i’ve got the compiled list from my insider friends! i haven’t smelled all of these, but i’m damn sure going to make sure that i do! i’m not really surprised as their expensive taste either! XD enjoy… 


  • Suho: Gucci Guilty for Men
  • Sehun: Prada Amber Pour Homme
  • Chanyeol: Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit
  • Kai: Armani Aqua Di Gio
  • DO: Armani Mania for Men
  • Baekhyun: Chanel Platnum Egoiste


  • Kris: Versace Man Eau Fraiche`
  • Tao: Gucci Pour Homme II
  • Lay: Issey Miyaki L’eau D’Issey
  • Xuimin: Kenzo
  • Luhan: Prada Luna Rossa
  • Chen: Chanel Allure Sport Homme

cr- (weibo/insider info)



 (by 賴大)
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made in heaven | do not edit.
made in heaven | do not edit.

Taodult upsetting Jongkid

airport runaway style


Jay at the JTN concert [13.06.28]
cr: eumsmusic


Jay at the JTN concert [13.06.28]

cr: eumsmusic

ATTENTION EXO FANS: so, i have a couple very close friends that work TSA (airport security) and were working the past few times exo came through their airport and got to see into the boys luggage and carry-ons’. therefore, they have compiled a roster of the colonges each member wears… yup. you read that right! so…! i ill be posting a list of their fragrances within the next day or so, once i hear back of my personal sources! this is gunna be epic! please check back soon… this is some super juicy insider info!